SKF RDC(Remote Diagnostic Center 遠端診斷中心)

SKF Smart Data (IIoT), 預測 與機器學習專案
24/7 condition monitoring to improve machine reliability
SKF Multilog 線上監視系統
SKF Multilog 線 上 監 視 系 統 IMx-8 適用於少頻道的狀態監測。 能提前監測故障、預防及自動 通報、修正既有或即將發生設 備狀況並促進設備保養的完整 系統,以提高可靠性、可用性 和效能。

SKF Multilog IMx-8 將高規格狀 態監控功能整合到小型的模組 中。提供 8 個類比及 2 個數位 頻道,可與行動裝置以及筆記 型電腦通訊,便於監控和設 置。此模組可獨立運作(Stand Alone Mode)也可以搭配 SKF @ptitude 分析軟體一起使用, 有助於避免意外停機和提升主 動 計 劃 保 養 的 監 測 能 力。 IMx-8 可輕鬆與其他 IMx 設備 做整合,亦可與 SKF 雲端服務 連結,儲存資料和共享數據, 或連結 SKF 遠端診斷服務。

SKF IMx-8 具有多項工業特定 認證,可用於以下典型行業: 風力發電 / 船舶工業 / 工具機

  • 精巧的尺寸 – 小於紙本小說
  • 導軌安裝或是 IP65 機櫃安裝
  • 8 個動態或直流輸入和 2 個數位或速度輸入
  • PoE(乙太網供電),24-48V DC
  • 備援電源能力
  • 4 GB 內部存儲記憶體 - 能夠儲存一年的設備數據和擷取事件
  • 同時測量所有頻道,真正的同步量測 最多可編程 8 個類比通道
  • 多重參數門檻
  • 多個 SKF 包絡濾波
  • 自適警報級別
  • 當通訊中斷時,資料儲存於非揮發性記憶體
  • 繼電器接點輸出 - 包括警報和系統
  • 獨立運作模式(SAM)或 SKF @ptitude 分析軟體相容
  • 撞車偵測功能(工具機)
  • 改進的 Modbus 功能(TCP 和 RS 485 以上)
  • 可以單獨模式運作或經由 iOS 和 Android 裝置 以藍牙配置和數據傳輸
  • SAT(現場驗收測試),可經由 iOS 和 Android APP 產出報告
  • DNV GL / ABS / Lloyds Marine 類型認證(待批准)
  • DNV GL 可再生能源認證(待批准)
Hardware – 硬體規格
Sofware controlled power supply for ICP sensors (4 mA)
Power PoE and / or 24–48 V DC (Max. 13 W)
Analogue inputs 8 (sensor power with short circuit protection)
Analogue / Digital conversion 24 bits
Dynamic range 120 dB
Sensor and cable fault detection Software configurable
Digital inputs 2 (sensor power with short circuit protection)
Relay / digital output 3 relay drivers (24 V)
(2 for measurement alarming and 1 for system alarming total max. current 70 mA)
Data buffering
  • 1 GB for trend and dynamic
  • 1 GB for event capture
  • 2 GB
Built-in hardware auto diagnosis
Ethernet: RJ45 10/100 Mbit
Connection to data server LAN (communication can easily be adopted through: TP cable, Fiber Optics, Two-lead copper wire, Wireless LAN, GPRS, ISDN, etc )
USB device interface For service interface (Type mini-B)
USB host interface For external interfaces for example Blootooth (Type A)
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Push in connectors
  • Screw connectors
Part Number Description – 訂購說明
CMON 4108 SKF Multilog online system IMx-8 DIN rail version
CMON 4150 IP 65 cabinet with pre drilled holes for IMx-8
CMON 4151 IP 65 cabinet without pre drilled holes for IMx-8
CMON 4133 Mini USB cable (isolated) for IMx-8
CMON 4134 SKF Bluetooth dongle for IMx-8
CMON 4135 Set of double deck connectors and resistors for Modbus termination and 4–20 mA inputs for IMx-8
CMON 4136 Analogue isolator module. 4–20 mA to voltage
CMON 4108-D SKF Multilog On-line System IMx-8 Dummy device
Installation and training available through your local SKF supplier or representative
Measurement Capabilities – 量測能力
  • IMx-8 continuously acquires data from all channels simultaneously. It can also be configured to capture data under transient conditions.
  • Data is stored based upon periodicity and alarm.
  • All analogue channels can be associated to a transient measurement group.
  • A maximum of 5 transient groups can be created
  • IMx-8 can store pre and post data based on alarm conditions.
  • Advanced parameter based data acquisition configurable for multiple operating conditions.
  • Low and variable speed machinery monitoring capability down to 1 cpm.

Diagnosis Rules Standard and customizable diagnoses rules
Analogue channels frequency range From DC to 40 kHz
Maximum sampling frequency: 102,4 kHz
Cross talk rejection < 110 dB @ 1 kHz
Accuracy Accuracy amplitude: ±2% (up to 20 kHz), ±5% (20 to 40 kHz)
Accuracy phase: ±3° (up to 100 Hz)
Digital channels frequency range From 0,016 Hz to 20 kHz (1 cpm–1.2 Mcpm)
Speed accuracy Accuracy frequency: 0,05% of measurement value (typically 0,01% up to 2.5 kHz)
Harmonic data analysis
Vector analysis circular and sector alarms
Measurement point counts
  • up to 56 active channels (including analogue, digital and virtual channels)
  • up to 100 active static measurement points
  • up to 80 active dynamic measurement points
  • up to 5 measurement groups (simultaneous, transient and/or event capture)

Physical and environmental specifications – 尺寸與環境規格
Size DIN Rail enclosure (H x W x D) 104 x 173 x 40 mm (4.1 x 6.8 x 1.6 in)
Size wall mounted cabinet (H x W x D) 300 x 400 x 100 mm (11.8 x 15.7 x 3.9 in)
Weight 450 g (0.99 lb)(DIN rail enclosure)
Mounting DIN rail or wall mounted
IP65 cabinet 6,7 kg (14.77 lb)
IP rate DIN rail enclosure IP30
IP rate Wall mounted cabinet IP65
Operating temperature range –40 to +70 °C (–40 to 158 °F) for the DIN rail enclosure.
Storage temperature range –60 to +70 °C (–76 to 158 °F)
Humidity 95% (relative) non-condensing
Interfacing – 通訊介面
IEC 61850-MMS  
CAN bus interface Electrical interface
Modbus RTU over RS485
Modbus TCP IP
(S)NTP time synchronization protocol
Oil particle counter Modbus and digital inputs (Including Gastops and MetalSCAN)
Software/database/app support – 軟體/資料庫/app支援
Software SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite
SAT Tool and installation support
  • via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
  • Reporting feature for measurement configurations
Reports both in @ptitude Monitoring Suite and IMx Manager mobile app
Standalone mode Configurable via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android, allows for basic measurement configuration or advanced configurations via machine templates
Plug and play mode
  • Via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
Network configurations
  • Via On line device configurator
  • Via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
Measurement configurations
  • Via SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite
  • Via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
Automatic fw updates
  • Via SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite
  • Via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
  • Via IMx Manager app for iOS and Android
  • Via controller side using Modbus interfaces
Customer specific repository
  • Machine templates
  • Firmware
  • Network configurations
Customer security/protection
  • IMx devices and repossitory user attached to specific companies and data encrypted